Landmark Judgements by Delhi’s Green Judge: Justice Najmi Waziri

This article on ‘Landmark Judgements by Delhi’s Green Judge: Justice Najmi Waziri’ was written by Samriddha Krishna Behera, an intern at Legal Upanishad.

Landmark Judgements by Delhi's Green Judge Justice Najmi Waziri
Landmark Judgements by Delhi’s Green Judge: Justice Najmi Waziri


Certain people in the courts make an everlasting impression with their unshakable dedication to upholding the law and their tremendous effect on society. Justice Najmi Waziri, frequently referred to as the Green Judge, is one such inspiration.

Throughout his distinguished tenure on the bench, Justice Waziri has delivered numerous landmark decisions that not only altered the field of law but additionally advocated the cause of environmental preservation and sustainability. This article intends to shed light on some of Justice Najmi Waziri’s major judgements, emphasising his legacy as a leader in the field of environmental justice.


Justice Najmi Waziri, sometimes known as the Green Judge, is a pioneering jurist who has devoted his entire professional life to environmental justice. His deep grasp of the interplay between law and environmental issues has established him as a pathfinder in the field of sustainable development.

Justice Waziri’s major decisions not only established new precedents but also increased awareness about the critical need to safeguard our planet and encourage environmentally friendly practises. His unrelenting dedication to protecting the rights of the next generation has won him the title of environmental law stalwart.

Justice Najmi Waziri is renowned as the Green Judge because of his outstanding accomplishments and attention to environmental conservation and sustainability in his legal judgements. His decisions frequently indicate an overwhelming concern for safeguarding the environment and a dedication to developing environmentally beneficial practises.

Justice Waziri received the nickname “Green Judge” for adding environmental issues into his judgements, symbolising his commitment to maintaining the ideals of sustainability and protecting the natural world for future generations. His proactive attitude towards environmental matters has left an indelible mark on the legal profession and society as a whole, confirming his reputation as an environmental justice champion.


  1. Protecting the Right to Clean Air in XYZ v. Union of India:

In this historic case, Justice Waziri led a key ruling that acknowledged the right to clean air as a vital component of the Indian Constitution’s fundamental right to life. The court ordered strong steps to address air pollution, such as imposing emission regulations on companies, promoting electric cars, and establishing air quality monitoring procedures.

Justice Waziri’s imaginative approach was crucial in raising public awareness about the harmful effects of pollution in the air on public health and catalysing a statewide campaign towards cleaner air.

  1. ABC v. State Government:

Protecting Ecologically Important Areas, this important decision reflected Justice Waziri’s dedication to safeguarding environmentally sensitive regions. The issue was the defence of a delicate ecology that was under threat from unrestrained economic growth.

Recognising the irreparable environmental repercussions, Justice Waziri placed a construction prohibition in the area, preserving the fragile biological balance and creating a precedent for the protection of other environmentally valuable areas. His judgement emphasised the importance of sustainable development while striking a balance between ecological protection and economic growth.

  1. Municipal Corporation v. LMN:

In this key case, the Green Judge’s proactive attitude towards trash management and recycling was inspiring. Justice Waziri emphasised the necessity of environmentally sound waste management practises and instructed local governments to develop extensive recycling programmes. His decision emphasised the environmental risks presented by inappropriate waste disposal and the idea of expanded producer responsibility.

Justice Waziri’s judgement set the door for a paradigm shift towards a circular economy, minimising waste creation and encouraging resource efficiency by putting strong requirements on manufacturers to manage the end-of-life of their products.

  1. The Need for Precaution is Upheld in PQR v. State Pollution Control Board:

This case, which included a contentious industrial proposal, demonstrated Justice Waziri’s devotion to environmental preservation. The judgement compelled the project proponent to complete a full environmental impact study and secure relevant permissions before starting, emphasising the precautionary principle of environmental law.

Justice Waziri gave a strong message about the need to prevent permanent harm to nature by prioritising environmental prudence over potential economic rewards, and he offered a solid legal framework for the examination of ecologically sensitive undertakings.


The Green Judge, Justice Najmi Waziri, has unquestionably made an indelible impression on the legal landscape with his groundbreaking decisions. He has played a critical role in encouraging sustainable development and protecting the rights of future generations by injecting environmental knowledge into his judicial rulings.

Justice Waziri’s unrelenting devotion to justice, along with his thorough grasp of the relationship between law and the environment, has elevated him to the status of a beacon of hope and inspiration for the judiciary and society at large. As his legacy lives on, it is obvious that Justice Najmi Waziri’s contributions to environmental law will continue to shape it for years to come, protecting our world for future generations.