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Bengaluru Court suspended congress Twitter account for copyright infringement (KGF Song)

Congress Twitter Account Banned for Copyright Infringement! 

Using someone’s creation without their permission is wrong in so many ways not just morally but when seen through the lenses of law it can land you into soup. This is exactly when a song from a famous movie was used in a promotional video without seeking appropriate permission. The cost of this stint led to the Congress Twitter account ban and its Campaign named “Bharat Jodo Yatra”. The following article elaborates on what led to the passing of the order, the facts of the case, and the laws infringed.

Copyright Infringement in Bollywood

Copyright Infringement in Bollywood: Laws and Cases

“Copyright infringement” or rather “Copyright Inspiration “has always been a part of Indian Cinema for example, in addition to having made an everlasting impression on Indian cinema, Sholay also had a profound effect on Indian popular culture. Many other actors and actresses in Indian cinema have been inspired by its characters, especially the dynamic duo of Jai, Veeru, and Gabbar himself. All of the film’s memorable scenes and songs have become instant classics, and the movie itself has served as an inspiration for countless other characters. A number of westerns served as inspiration for Sholay, including Seven Samurai and the numerous spaghetti westerns that were all the rage in the late 1960s and early 1970s.’ This article deals with the legal framework, Lay Observer’s Test and its exceptions, fundamental case laws, and analysis.