Constitution of India

Doctrine of Basic Structure under the Indian Constitution

Doctrine of Basic Structure under the Indian Constitution

To reside in any country, especially the one which has the longest written form of the Constitution, it is of utmost necessity for anyone to know the legislation prevalent in the country. This article tries to bring forth the origin of the doctrine of the basic concept in the Constitution of India. It further delves into discussing the several cases which are relevant to this basic concept and the Parliament’s restriction of power to amend these basic features which are essential to the very structure of the Constitution.

The Doctrine of Colourable Legislation under the Indian Constitution

The Doctrine of Colourable Legislation: Indian Constitution

This article sums up everything you need to seek about the Doctrine of Colourable Legislation. The doctrine delimits the jurisdiction between the three organs of the government. The author intends to clear all the doubts regarding how it affects Indian Legislation or the relevance of this doctrine in the Indian Constitution. We will further observe some pertinent case laws which will help us understand the origin as well as the operation of the doctrine.