Intellectual property rights

Various Methods of IP Valuation

Various Methods of IP Valuation: All You Need to Know

The article will be focusing on the methods or approaches for the valuation of an asset of IP. The asset of any business such as technology or intellectual property is an essential element for establishing the brand. The awareness of the value of such assets and their contribution is essential to plan any form of business strategy. It is also determined as a valuation of IP.

How to file a patent application in India

Step-by-step: How to file a Patent Application in India

When an individual or a company makes a new invention it is very crucial for them as the invention could be life-changing for them. The nature of this invention could attract people who want to steal that invention. For this purpose, patents were introduced to protect the rights of the inventor. This article will take a look at what a patent is, the types of patents, and how to file a patent in India.

IPR in the Movie Industry Indian Scenario

IPR in the Movie Industry: Indian Scenario

Intellectual property rights play an important part in the making of any movie. From script to screen, intellectual property rights influence every step of the filmmaking process. The creation of a film requires the joint efforts of the producers, directors, actors, singers, screenwriters, and numerous other significant entities and is considered quite a complicated process.
This article will make you understand what IPR is, and how it plays a huge part in the movie industry.

How to Conduct a Trademark Availability Search Online

How to Conduct a Trademark Availability Search Online?

This article will help you in filing the trademark of your services or product, but before that, it is also important to understand what is a trademark and how to conduct a trademark availability search online, and also how to do a patent search too to understand the complex idea of filing the trademark. It seems difficult but it is very easy and important at the same time. This article will help in making you understand the importance of filing your idea etc so that no one can take advantage and earn profits out of your idea.

Competition Law and IPR : Interactions

Competition Law and IPR : Interaction

This article on ‘Interaction between Competition Law and IPR‘ is written by Anuj Gautam an Intern at Legal Upanishad. Introduction This article explains how Competition Law affects Intellectual property rights over innovation. In today’s world, various tools exist by which giant industries or public entities affect the competition at large. With intent to take unnecessary …

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