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Types of Legal Research

Types of Legal Research: All You Should Know

Regardless of their areas of practice, individual attorneys (advocates) and law firms need to conduct legal research. It aids in the crucial case search in the event of a question or uncertainty pertaining to any case. Finding the preeminent case governing the key issues in question is the most fundamental and first step in conducting legal research in the legal sector. In this article, an attempt has been made to study the concept, objectives, and various types of legal research that a law student needs to apply during his/her law school.

How to write a Legal Essay: All You Need to Know

Writing an essay is an important aspect of the legal field. Whether you are preparing for the judiciary or you are thinking about academics in both scenarios this habit of writing helps you all around in developing good content, but not everyone can write a good quality essay that is up to the mark. So, here we will be discussing the important points to keep in mind while writing a legal essay and what should not be done to ignore the commonly done mistakes.