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  • From briefcase, 'bahi khata' to tablet: Changing face of Budget's presentation over the years
  • Nirmala Sitharaman, the Finance Minister, is gearing up to present the Union Budget 2024. Learn about her background and key initiatives. Pratik Doshi, a PMO official, is instrumental in shaping government strategies within the Prime Minister's Office.
  • Satwik and his men's doubles badminton partner Chirag Shetty are considered one of the strongest contenders for a medal in their category. The popular duo, also known as 'Sat-Chi', have had a successful year so far, winning two Badminton World Federation Tour titles — the French Open title in March 2024 and the Thailand Open […]
  • Coldplay's lead vocalist Chris Martin took a moment to dedicate the band's heartbreak song "Everglow" to fellow music icon Taylor Swift and her devoted fans. The touching gesture came as Swift jetted out of Dusseldorf, Germany with her record-breaking Eras Tour, having recently wrapped up a series of shows in Gelsenkirchen. "This is for Taylor […]
  • Explore zodiac signs' unique financial habits: Aries' quick planning, Taurus' structured savings, and Capricorn's disciplined methods. Tips include balancing spending, using financial tools, consulting experts, and diversifying investments. Emphasis on stability, security, automatic payments, budgeting apps, and reviewing plans regularly ensures financial success. Master financial management with astrological insights.
  • Pakistani actor Fawad Khan, acclaimed for 'Zindagi Gulzar Hai' and 'Humsafar,' commended 'The Family Man,' highlighting its cinematography and Srikant Tiwari character. He reunites with Sanam Saeed in 'Barzakh,' exploring life-death-rebirth themes. Anticipated romantic entertainer with Vaani Kapoor awaits UK filming. Fawad's international appeal covers a Marvel role and brief Bollywood interactions.

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