July 2022

Anti Competitive and Unfair Trade Practices in Competition Act

Unfair Trade Practices under Competition Act, 2002

Fair and healthy competitive practice helps in the growth of a market leading ultimately leads to the growth of the economy. But many times, people try to disturb the balance of the competition in the market and tend to use competitive practices which are unfair in nature. To safeguard the market and its players from these, laws are implemented and this article is based on the law which regulates these practices in India.

Legal Rights of Landlords in India

5 Legal Rights of Landlords in India: All You Need to Know

We shall first define the terms “landlord” and “tenant” in this article. We shall learn more about the lease between the landlord and tenant in the section that follows. The rights of landlords in India will then be discussed. The paper will then be concluded after looking at remedies to the problems relating to the Legal Rights of Landlords in India.

Rights of a Married Woman in India

5 Rights of a Married Woman in India: All You Need to Know

Women have been treated with the maximum possible discrimination throughout history. Only a few decades ago, they were not allowed to vote, not allowed to freely express their opinion, not allowed to work. It was believed that women’s place was at home taking care of children and doing house chores. Of course, India is not immune to this discrimination. For centuries, women in India have faced extreme discrimination. They were made to stay at home, girls were not sent to school, and they faced violence at home. This article will take a look at the legal rights of a married woman in India.

Vicarious Liability under India Laws

Vicarious Liability under Indian Laws: All You Need To Know

This article deals with the concept of vicarious liability under Indian laws. It discusses the meaning of the term, legal maxims that are related to the same, essentials or prerequisites. It also discusses the reason why a master is held liable for the acts of the servants, the Indian scenario and finally important case laws.

What is Vicarious Liability? Examples of vicarious relationships. Essentials of Vicarious Liability. Why is the Master held liable? Legal Maxims. Related Case Laws.

Licenses Required for Restaurant in India

10 Licenses Required for Restaurant in India: Registration

This article will help you with how you can register and get licenses to start a restaurant in India without any hassle.
Licenses Required for Restaurant in India. State and Central FSSAI License, Liquor License, Health/Trade License, Eating house License, Shop and establishment License, Lift Clearance, Environmental clearance license, Fire safety license, Music license.

Legal Rights of Senior Citizens

Legal Rights of Senior Citizens: All You Need to Know

In this article, we will be focusing on the legal rights of senior citizens in our country and we will also discuss in brief every aspect related to the legislation made for senior citizens.
In this article, we will take a look at the major changes made to the Parents and Senior Citizens Act, 2007 by the amendment of 2019 for the protection of the legal rights of senior citizens.