August 2022

Legal Writing for Law Students

Importance of Legal Writing for Law Students: Writing Guide

Legal Writing for the Real World: A Practical Guide to Success, the art of writing efficiently and effectively is probably the most important skill we can develop throughout our careers. Writing is important in the professional world because our ability to write convincingly and persuade a court of learned men is critical and is based on how we articulate ideas and structure arguments.

Trade dress protection: comparative study of us and Indian position

Trade Dress Protection: Comparative Study of US and India

The concept of Trade dress was first founded by the US and the English Trademark Act, 1994 was followed by the Trademark Act, 1999 which traced trademark through The Lanham Act. In India, the concept of trade dress is in the development stage and it has now started to expand from traditional forms to non-traditional forms like the design of a doorknob, lamp, magazine, sports shoe, style of a rock music group, etc.
This article will focus on trade dress protection and the comparative study of the US and Indian Position.

Analysis of Matrimonial Remedies under Islamic Law

Analysis of Matrimonial Remedies under Islamic Law

Marriage is considered to be a sacred bond between two persons and this concept is followed by almost every religion in the world. Every religion has different types of rituals and practices which are followed during and after marriage. Sometimes a marriage fails to work, in such cases remedies are provided that help in either patching up or finally leading to the dissolution of the marriage, for which different procedures are laid down that need to be followed. Islamic law also lays down systematic rules and procedures through which a marriage is conducted and in case it fails, provides provisions for its remedies.

Protection of Tourist Rights: International Tourism

The Protection of Tourist Rights: International Tourism

A significant source of income and a source of new jobs is tourism. Travel restrictions can have a significant negative impact on the nation’s economy, as testing times have already shown. It is hence crucial to have a system that protects the rights of the people traveling in the international field. The following article discusses the aspects of protecting the tourist right in the field of international tourism.

Challenges and issues related to domestic violence in india

Domestic Violence in India: Challenges and Issues

The offence of domestic violence is prevalent in historical times. Women in society have continuously been tortured, threatened, and subjugated by men to retain their superiority. It is still prevalent but remains invisible due to a lack of complaints. We have witnessed a lot of movements starting against violence toward women because of their unequal status in society. The article will be highlighting the legal challenges and issues which is faced due to the incorporation of the Domestic Violence Act, 2005.

Cognizable and Non-Cognizable Offences Provisions and Comparative Analysis

Cognizable and Non-Cognizable Offences: Comparative Analysis

Cognizable offences are those in which without a warrant, police have the authority to arrest a person. On the other hand, Non-cognizable offences are those that are less serious. In this article, we will examine what is cognizable and non-cognizable offences are, a comparative analysis of how these two offences are different from each other, and what the related provisions of such offences are under the law.

Importance of moot court for law students in India

Importance of Moot Court for Law Students in India

Moot court is one of the co-curricular activities that are essential for every law student. Learning through a co-curricular activity helps in memorizing the focus topic. It improves the understanding of the topic in depth, such as the case laws, different provisions, and laws that might attract to that particular legal problem, various schemes enacted by the government, and, so on. There are also other competitions that a law student must give a try at least once, like client counseling, debates, mediation competition, and others that help law students in strengthening their skills and knowledge, and also helps them to figure out their goals.

How to Report Copyright Infringement on Instagram?

Steps of How to Report Copyright Infringement on Instagram?

It has become incredibly simple to fall victim to copyright infringement due to the volume of content that is produced and placed on these applications via the internet. It is important to know what to do in such a situation. How can one report the infringement? What are the necessary steps which are to be taken?
The article that follows provides instructions on how to report a copyright violation.

GI tag awarded to the Bihar Mithila Makhana: All you need to know

GI Tag awarded to Bihar Mithila Makhana: All You Must Know!

This article elaborates on the importance of the GI (geographical indication) tag which is awarded to specific products of specific regions. Recently Mithila Makhana was awarded the GI tag. It is also said that 90% of the production of Makhana is from the region of Mithila. Makhana is a superfood that is low in fat and high in protein and fibre. Makhana has about 347 calories per 100g. Makhana has 14.5 g of fibre and 9.7 g of protein. Makhanas is an excellent calcium source. They also have significant amounts of magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus. Makhana also contains a small number of vitamins.