April 2023

Public Interest Litigation

Public Interest Litigation: All You Need To Know

The concept of PIL arose from the necessity to provide access to the legal system to persons who lack sufficient legal expertise or are economically disadvantaged. The primary goal is to protect an individual’s or group’s rights. PIL can be filed when there is a violation of one or more than one fundamental right. PIL is mostly filed in cases where there is no alternate remedy has remained. This article aims to explore the concept and provisions governing Public Interest Litigation in India.

Maintenance of Wife Under Indian Laws

Maintenance of Wife Under Indian Laws

The financial support provided by a husband to his wife during and after the marriage, or after a divorce or separation, is known as the maintenance of a wife. The purpose of maintenance is to ensure that the wife can maintain a decent quality of life and is not left in a state of poverty. In many countries, including India, some laws govern wife maintenance and require the husband to pay alimony or maintenance to the wife. This article will explore the concept of maintenance and analyse the laws governing maintenance in India.

Cross-Border Insolvency in India

Cross-Border Insolvency in India: All You Need to Know

Cross-border bankruptcy refers to the scenario in which a debtor (an individual or a firm) is insolvent in numerous jurisdictions, raising problems regarding how the debtor’s assets should be allocated among creditors in different nations. The major goal of cross-border insolvency is to offer a framework for fair and efficient resolution of such circumstances.

Lifting of Corporate Veil

Lifting of Corporate Veil: All you need to Know

Lifting of corporate veil is a legal notion in which a court disregards a corporation’s independent legal identity and holds the owners or directors personally accountable for the corporation’s activities. Lifting the corporate veil, in other words, is the process of piercing the legal protection of the corporate structure in order to hold the individuals behind the organisation accountable for their acts.

Emerging Trends In Arbitration Law

Emerging Trends In Arbitration Law: All You Need to Know

Arbitration is an alternative dispute resolution mechanism that is increasingly gaining importance in India due to its cost-effectiveness and speedy resolution of disputes. The Indian government has been continuously making efforts to promote arbitration as a preferred mode of dispute resolution, and several recent developments indicate emerging trends in arbitration law. This article will discuss some of these emerging trends and their impact on arbitration in India, with the help of real Indian case laws.

Licensing as a Solution to looming issues in Patent Law

Licensing as a Solution to looming issues in Patent Law

Licensing can be a useful tool in addressing challenges in patent law. Voluntary licensing can promote competition and innovation, while compulsory licensing can provide solutions to issues such as high prices for essential medicines, access to technology, and research obstacles. However, it is crucial to balance the interests of patent owners and the public to ensure that patent law serves its intended purpose of incentivizing innovation and safeguarding the wider population’s interests.

Concept of Locus Standi

Concept of Locus Standi: All You Need to Know

The concept of Locus Standi evolved from the fact, that with the evolution of time and shifting from a monarchical form of government to a democratic form of government rule of law is necessary to be applied in order to protect the common citizen in case the executive oversteps his power. The idea of rule of law was given by Sir Edward Coke but it was later propounded by A. V. Dicey, it stated three concepts for the protection of people’s interests and preventing the state from acting arbitrarily.

Airtel-Jio clash over free IPL streaming

Airtel-Jio clash over free IPL streaming: Facts and Laws

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is one of the biggest sporting events in India, and cricket fans eagerly await its arrival each year. With the pandemic forcing people to stay indoors, streaming services have become the go-to platform for many sports fans. This year, the clash between Airtel and Jio over free IPL streaming has gained considerable attention. In this article, we will discuss the facts and laws that are relevant to this issue.