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How to avoid Plagiarism in your Research Papers

How to avoid Plagiarism in your Research Papers

A substantial portion of the research process involves adding more in-depth knowledge and drawing ideas from already-accepted philosophies and values. However, when utilizing source material, you should always be mindful of avoiding plagiarism. To boost your credibility as a researcher, you want to make sure your article is plagiarism-free before you write it and use it to support your hypothesis. If you don’t, you run the risk of losing your academic standing, failing the course, having your manuscript rejected by journals, or perhaps facing more severe disciplinary action.

Legal Blogs Importance for law firms in India?

Legal Blogs Importance for law firms in India?

There are many bloggers which provide authentic and valuable information related to their subject interest. Writing a blog is the common and easiest way to express thoughts, ideas, and experiences. By which people get knowledge and information for their interest field. Nowadays people, specialists, and academicians share knowledge through blogs. In this article, we are going to know the importance of legal blogs and how law firms get the benefit of legal writing.

Types of Legal Research

Types of Legal Research: All You Should Know

Regardless of their areas of practice, individual attorneys (advocates) and law firms need to conduct legal research. It aids in the crucial case search in the event of a question or uncertainty pertaining to any case. Finding the preeminent case governing the key issues in question is the most fundamental and first step in conducting legal research in the legal sector. In this article, an attempt has been made to study the concept, objectives, and various types of legal research that a law student needs to apply during his/her law school.

How to write a Legal Article

How to write a Legal Article: A Guide on Writing an Article

Writing a legal article that has great quality is a skill that cannot be achieved in a small time but that skill can be developed over the years with time. When an article is published in a known blog or a website, it has certain benefits like the recognition of your knowledge and skill. It also results in the increase of your value as a brand and visibility. It also helps people when they read those articles when they need information. In particular, it helps the researchers, advocates, reporters, litigants, etc., to gain a deep understanding of that topic.
The exercise of writing a legal article is worth every time spent by a lawyer as the knowledge is sharpened, reputation strong, and skills for argumentation ready.

How to write a legal research paper

How to write a legal research paper: All you need to know

Law is all about analysis, critical thinking, and interpretation. Your capability to put together the analysis of the study of the issues in written form is essential in the practice of law. The research paper is one such way to express your creative and analytic thought process, your vision of the theme, and the originality of your content. The word ‘research’ means a systematic examination of material facts. It can be complex and daunting for law students. But research helps in enhancing your knowledge and cultivating your writing skills. This article will help you understand what is research paper all about and how to write a research paper.

How to write a Legal Essay: All You Need to Know

Writing an essay is an important aspect of the legal field. Whether you are preparing for the judiciary or you are thinking about academics in both scenarios this habit of writing helps you all around in developing good content, but not everyone can write a good quality essay that is up to the mark. So, here we will be discussing the important points to keep in mind while writing a legal essay and what should not be done to ignore the commonly done mistakes.