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Legal Blogs Importance for law firms in India?

Legal Blogs Importance for law firms in India?

There are many bloggers which provide authentic and valuable information related to their subject interest. Writing a blog is the common and easiest way to express thoughts, ideas, and experiences. By which people get knowledge and information for their interest field. Nowadays people, specialists, and academicians share knowledge through blogs. In this article, we are going to know the importance of legal blogs and how law firms get the benefit of legal writing.

Career options after doing an LLM

11 Career options after LLM for a Law student in India

In every nation, the legal profession is among the most lucrative. After earning their LLBs, law students have the choice of whether to begin practicing or obtain a master’s degree in the subject. A master’s program in law is an advanced degree in the study of law. It is available in several disciplines, including corporate law, criminal law, and international law. Students have the privilege of looking for employment across a wide range of industries that are relevant to their field of concentration. Equal opportunities arise upon LLM graduation in the public and commercial spheres. Students who obtain an LLM can work as a lawyer or advocate, legal counselor, law enforcement official, etc. With so many alternatives, students frequently struggle with the decision of what to do following their LLM.  

Importance of Internships for law students in India

Importance of Internships for Law Students in India

For a student to survive in the field of law, it has become necessary for them to do internships. A Student who is knowing how things are done practically definitely has an advantage over a student who has just theoretical knowledge. The main intent of this article is to list the advantages which a student of law receives through the medium of internships and how those advantages are beneficial in the long run to the student itself.