Most Ridiculous and Bizarre laws of the World

Most Ridiculous and Bizarre laws of the World

If you want to travel abroad, you should be aware of the local laws and rules of the destination country as you have to follow them even if these are the most bizarre laws. These are the 8 most ridiculous and bizarre laws of the world:

1- Chewing gum in Singapore-

Chewing gum is illegal in Singapore since 1992. In fact, no gum is bought or sold here. This law was enacted to keep public places clean.

Note – Chewing gum is not illegal in Singapore at the moment, except for importing and selling it.

2- Being Fat in Japan –

It is illegal to be overweight in Japan. The law has set a maximum waistline for both men and women.

FAQ – What is the maximum waistline in Japan as per law?

Every man over the age of 40 should not have a waistline measuring more than 31 ins, and not every woman can measure more than 35 ins.

3- Flushing a toilet in Switzerland-

In Switzerland, it is unlawful to flush a toilet in an apartment building after 10 pm.

4- Whistling in Canada-

The city of Petrolia in Ontario has a law that states that yelling, shouting, whistling, or singing are not allowed at any time. This law was enacted to curb extreme noise.

Most Ridiculous and Bizarre Laws
Most Ridiculous and Bizarre Laws
5- Wearing high heels in Greece-

Wearing high heels is illegal at various ancient monuments in the historic Greek cities. The law was enacted to protect the monuments from getting damaged.

6- Failing to remember wife’s birthday in Samoa

It is unlawful for a husband to forget the birthday of his wife in Samoa. He could be penalized if she goes to the police to report it.

7- Not smiling in Italy-

In Milan (Italy), you can be fined for not smiling as the law forces you to smile. It is stated in the city’s rules from the Austro-Hungarian period, which were never repealed.

FAQ – What are some exemptions to this rule?
  • Going to the funeral
  • Hospital workers or visiting someone at the hospital
8- Not to walk your dog in Italy-

In Italy, it is against the law not to walk your dog at least three times a day.

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