Best Corporate Law Internship for Law Students in India

Best Corporate Law Internship for Law Students in India

This article on ‘Best Corporate Law Internships in India‘ was written by Amruta Patil, an intern at Legal Upanishad.


Harvey Specter, does the name ring a bell? I am sure it does ask any law student about the name and you are in for some entertaining discussion as to how a lawyer works in a firm dealing with corporate issues, mergers and acquisitions, drafting contracts, and a few more.

The magnanimous life of a lawyer in a law firm is something every law student is fascinated by.

With the increasing growth opportunities working in Corporate law is often considered a very lucrative option by law students. In order to build a successful career in the same, it is very important to have a grasp of various subjects of law along with an insight as to what is like working in the corporate world. An internship in a corporate field brings one closer to fulfilling the aspirations of being part of the fast-paced system. it allows the students to gain first-hand experience as to what is corporate law in practice, the nitty-gritty of working on different kinds of deals, and much more. It is a very imperative part of the holistic development of law students.

There are numerous options to pick from and this article offers a list of places where one can find the best corporate internship in India.

The importance of doing an internship:

Throughout the semester the theory aspect of the law is tested, but what about putting the same into practice?

This is where internships play an important role by providing the students with a practical overview of what can be expected after finishing law school. The world outside works on the practical application of the law which is offered through internships. The importance of doing an internship is such that it helps in solidifying the theoretical knowledge acquired by giving the necessary exposure in the real world.

Other than the practical benefits, the internship also offers a few other benefits which are as follows-

  • Procedural knowledge- the law school provides us with all the theoretical aspects of the various areas of law. To put the same into practice, internships in various areas allow us to choose the best area to work in after completing our studies.
  • Networking – ask any senior and they will tell you how important it is to network. Meeting the right people is extremely important in every profession not just legal. But in this area of work networking is the key that unlocks numerous opportunities. You meet a lot of like-minded yet diverse sets of people who can add value to your professional journey.
  • Mentorship- mentorship plays a very significant role during an internship. One shadows the mentor and observes how they deal with situations, and clients along with sharing a great deal of knowledge and experience.
  • New skills- the internship is all about learning new skills, and the theoretical aspects are all well covered in law school. Internships are one such place where one is allowed to be part of the practical world with room for mistakes. You a learn a great of skills which are both non-legal and legal such as time management, team effort, perseverance, etc. It involves learning and doing drafting, researching, or getting to know the company and its working. It gives you a glimpse of what it will be when working.

All about Corporate Law

Corporate law revolves around the workings of a corporation. A corporation is an organization independent of its members. It has its own set of rights and liabilities and is essentially treated as a legal entity. A corporate lawyer is mostly dedicated to representing the particular firm he works for. Extensive knowledge of contract law is an added advantage when considering working in this sector.

It focuses on the interactions between corporations and companies both internally through corporate governance and outside through economic transactions. Corporate lawyers are charged with defending the legitimacy of business dealings, standing in for corporations, and advising staff members of their legal obligations.

There are multiple areas in corporate law where one can work. To name a few –

  1. Mergers and Acquisitions
  2. Corporate Insolvency
  3. General Corporate
  4. Capital Markets
  5. Dispute Resolution
  6. Corporate Litigation

Best Corporate Law Internship for Corporate Law Students

We have discussed the role and the importance of internships for law students. Along with a brief explanation of what is corporate all about, the areas of practice, and the scope in India. It is a very dynamic field that involves the business as well as governance aspects and is managed by the company lawyer also known as the corporate lawyer.

In this section, there will be a list of the best places where one can apply if they wish to work in the field of corporate law.

1- Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas &Co (SAM):

  • With a solid foundation in Corporate practice, SAM has a force of 73 Partners, and 281 Lawyers, this firm focuses on general corporate, private equity, and taxation among other areas of practice.
  • The firm has offices which are located in 7 different locations across India. Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai to name a few.
  • To intern here, one can send their CV with a Cover letter to the following address-

3- Khaitan and Co.:

  • The name itself is a legacy, being more than a century old this firm, Khaitan, and Co. offers internships in various areas of practice which include expertise in Corporate and Commercial.
  • Corporate Governance, Direct Tax, and Environment law to list a few.
  • To get an opportunity to work here, one can mail their CV along with their transcripts to

4- Trilegal:

  • An organization that three NLU graduates started after having worked independently before joining hands to form this company.
  • This law firm has offices at 3 locations which are Bengaluru, Mumbai, and National Capital Region.
  • It focuses on areas such as mergers and acquisitions along with areas such as intellectual property, real estate, etc.
  • One can start their internship journey by filling in the necessary details in the form given at the given link:

5- Sagar Associates:

  • A leading firm with 86 partners with offices at 7 locations which are Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, and Bengaluru with the headquarters in Gurugram.
  • This firm practice areas include Corporate, Finance, and Disputes.
  • Transactional and legal advisory, corporate governance is one of the many areas in which the firm holds expertise.
  • In order to apply here for an internship, one needs to upload a sample of their resume along with necessary documents or a writing sample. All of which are explained in the link given:

6- AZB and Partners:

  • Founded by Zia Mody.
  • This firm has expertise in areas such as general corporate, real estate, competition law, and Capital fund markets to name a few.
  • The firm has offices in various areas across India: Pune, Delhi NCR, Bengaluru, and Mumbai.
  • For internship queries kindly visit the link below and fill in the details:

7- Vaish and Associates:

  • The firm has three major offices in India in Mumbai, Bengaluru with a headquarter in New Delhi.
  • The key practice areas are the Corporate, Banking, and Finance sector. They offer internships to students in their final year of LL.B and LL.M.
  • You can reach them by sending your CV to

The above-mentioned are a few firms in India known to be top-notch in the Legal field offering expertise in a range of areas.

One can also apply in other firms revolving around corporate practice. To name a few:

8- Talwar Thakore & Associates:

9- Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas:

10- DSK Legal:

Best Corporate Law Internship for Law Students in India
Best Corporate Law Internship for Law Students in India


Law as a profession has multiple areas which can be explored. Corporate law is one such area that has multifarious options of its own! It’s a  path worth exploring for law students. It comes with great benefits and challenges of its own. No two transactions that happen within the corporate world are the same. A hands-on experience allows you to gain practical insight and in-depth knowledge of the workings of a corporation. Undertaking internships during law school and after is extremely beneficial in helping one shape their future. An adage sums up is –You won’t know unless you try.


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