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The Doctrine of Colourable Legislation under the Indian Constitution

The Doctrine of Colourable Legislation: Indian Constitution

This article sums up everything you need to seek about the Doctrine of Colourable Legislation. The doctrine delimits the jurisdiction between the three organs of the government. The author intends to clear all the doubts regarding how it affects Indian Legislation or the relevance of this doctrine in the Indian Constitution. We will further observe some pertinent case laws which will help us understand the origin as well as the operation of the doctrine.

Strict Liability and Absolute Liability: Concept and Laws

The concept of liability dates back more than 200 years. There are many incidents that occur in our day-to-day life which can cause us great inconvenience and damage to our properties and sometimes it can also result in severe injury to our body. The concept of liability in law basically deals with the person responsible for these incidents. This article will take a look at what is strict liability, the essentials and exceptions of strict liability, absolute liability, and a few cases.

Procedure for a listing of Securities in the Stock Exchange

Procedure for a listing of securities in the Stock Exchange

A company needs a listing of securities to trade in the stock market. This ensures that the company is registered on the stock exchange. The interested company has to act according to the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013. A company must have a minimum of five crore rupees in its equity and sixty percent of that is offered to the public for listing on the stock exchange. It is necessary for every company to list its shares on the stock exchange to get registered because unregistered securities cannot be traded and thus is a loss for the company.

Corporal punishment in India: Concept and laws

Corporal Punishment in India: Concept and Laws

It is very common for people, especially parents and teachers, to use some sort of physical violence to “induce discipline” in their children or students. It can be something minor like having him stand on a bench or using force and beating the child. This method of “inducing discipline” has been banned by the government under several laws. This article will take a look at the concept of corporal punishment and the laws regarding the same.