Patents granted to apple

Patents granted to apple

A patent is a sort of intellectual property right that grants an inventor monopolistic rights over his invention. It is a legal right that excludes others from using or selling the inventions of that person for a period of 20 years.

It is helpful in promoting a culture of innovation and creativity. The Patent Act, 1970, deals with the granting of patents in India.

A patent application needs to be filed with the registrar in order to obtain a patent.

Now the question arises as to which inventions are granted patents and which ones are rejected. In simple terms, if you want to get a patent on an invention, it should be non obvious and original.

In order to be original, an invention should be different from other inventions of similar nature in one or more parts.

And in order to be non-obvious, an invention should be considered as an unexpected development  by people who are experts in the field of that invention. But you can’t obtain a patent for only an idea or a suggestion. To get a patent, the inventor must have worked out the precise means of applying his or her ideas.

Note: Substances and laws of nature which occur naturally, even though they are newly discovered, cannot be patented. There is also no patentability for abstract ideas, universal facts, measurement techniques, and mathematical formulas. However, it is possible to patent a process that utilises such a formula or procedure.

Patents by Apple, inc. ( granted by the United States patent and trademark office)

  • A patent for a finger print scanner was first granted to Apple when they filed the patent application back in 2013.
  • A patent for the strap of their Apple Watch, i.e. self-regulating strap.
  • A patent for an edge to edge display in the phone.
  • A patent for an authentication method to unlock various devices at once swiftly and trouble free.
  • A patent for an LED light keyboard in a MacBook.
  • A Patent for a keyboard in which dirt and debris doesn’t get trapped (Apple keyboard)

Recent patents granted to Apple for future devices:

  • A patent was granted for an Apple watch to be made in the future that would monitor blood pressure. ( monitoring blood pressure is quite well known and obvious, but the fact that it would be monitored by a mere wrist watch is non obvious and novel).
  • A sensor system detecting various dangers and threats is the subject of a patent.
  • Apple Watch patent for an in-display camera
  • patent for a carbon fibre macbook.
  • patent for a search engine of their own. (similar to Google)
  • patent for controlling the AirPods with the help of your tongue and teeth.
  • Patent regarding the process of having on its electronic devices (iphone and ipad) titanium blasted surface texture.

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