Emerging Trends In Arbitration Law

Emerging Trends In Arbitration Law: All You Need to Know

Arbitration is an alternative dispute resolution mechanism that is increasingly gaining importance in India due to its cost-effectiveness and speedy resolution of disputes. The Indian government has been continuously making efforts to promote arbitration as a preferred mode of dispute resolution, and several recent developments indicate emerging trends in arbitration law. This article will discuss some of these emerging trends and their impact on arbitration in India, with the help of real Indian case laws.

Arbitration Agreement

Arbitration Agreement: Arbitration and Conciliation Act

This article analyses the arbitration agreement mentioned under Section 7 of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996. The author will discuss the definition of an arbitration agreement, the obligations that it imposes on the parties, and the procedure that the parties must follow when entering into an arbitration agreement. Furthermore, the author will discuss the agreement’s objective, as well as its benefits and drawbacks. In addition, the author will explain the Supreme Court’s fundamentals for the arbitration agreement.