Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney in India

Power of Attorney in India: All You Need to Know

This article deals with the eligibility criteria for the power of attorney and the procedure for selecting the power of attorney followed by the revocation of the power of attorney and their types. In addition, the author will discuss the stamping procedure, the registration process and the responsibility of the attorney bearer and at the end, I will conclude my paper with references.

What is a power of Attorney: Concept and Laws

What is a power of Attorney: Concept and Laws

A legal document known as a power of attorney enables one individual to act on behalf of another. Using a power of attorney (POA), which is a binding legal document, a person can designate someone to handle their property, health, or financial matters. A power of attorney may be awarded for various reasons, like being abroad, illness, disability, etc. and it is created to grant the right or authority to someone else who can act on behalf of that person.
This article will make you understand what a Power of Attorney entails, its various forms, and the associated risks with it.