Why Publications are important for Law Students

Why Publications are important for Law Students: Must Know

This article on ‘Why Publications are important for law students‘ was written by Shashi Yadav, an intern at Legal Upanishad.


The passion and interest in becoming a lawyer are increasing, many students now prefer to pursue a bachelor’s in law after completing school. There was an era when students wanted to become engineers and in school were simultaneously studying for JEE exams. There has been a shift seen in these recent years as according to the sources the number of applications for the common law admission test (CLAT) has gone up from thirty thousand in 2013 to fifty-one thousand in 2017 which is almost 65-70% jump in four years.

As the current generation focuses more on steering society toward harmony thus law students aim to become social engineers. The life of a lawyer is not as easy as shown in the series “Suits” it is difficult to become Harvey Specter or to have a photographic memory like Michael Ross.

A student who wants to pursue a career in law is known as a law aspirant. With the development of higher education and computer and internet technologies, there are many employment options available today. However, because the law is ubiquitous and omnipotent, it has gained favor as a viable career option.

What are publications?

Publication is the process of producing a book, magazine, or other publication for sale or reading, whether it is done on paper or online.

Why are publications considered important for a law student?

With the increase in the numbers of students pursuing law, it is important to stand out from the rest fifteen lakhs of students and to create your history by taking the road less traveled.

In the long run publishing, a research paper or journal will help with the interview process as certain criteria are supposed to be fulfilled to get the position of an intern. If one has written a research paper on the company’s niche area then that person has a higher chance of getting selected. In addition to attaining an overall development, publishing papers will increase a student’s worth in a competitive atmosphere by enhancing the CV and so opening new employment opportunities.

Writing a research paper on any given topic means going deep into the topic thus making a student more knowledgeable and it helps in critical thinking and analysis of the topic too. Law students need to be open to expanding their knowledge to make strong arguments.

It also gives clarity to the students about topics of their interest whether it’s criminal, historical, civil, or geopolitics. Having publications can add to your human values too as the times are evolving it is important to have jurisprudential views on certain controversial topics. It helps an individual to stay updated with the recent societal norms too.

Why Publications are important for Law Students
Why Publications are important for Law Students?

For instance, If we take the example of the case of Bilkis Bano, who was gang-raped and saw 14 members of her family being murdered by a Hindu mob during the 2002 riots in the western Indian state of Gujarat.

 K Raulji stated “They are Brahmins, men of good sanskaras”, such statements tell us the reality of this century. It is important to understand that his statement is contradicting article 15 of the constitution which states the Prohibition of discrimination on grounds of religion, race, caste, sex, or place of birth. Being aware of such issues is important.

This case is not at all related to caste or gender it is about justice and not revenge, it is about the dignity of a human being, thus I feel publications not only look good on the resume but also enhance your importance in society. We need lawyers who can work for the betterment of society after every case or reading of any judgment it is important to understand the consequences of the dispute in a larger sense as disputes shape society.

Research helps in understanding the core values of a human being too, a lawyer should think beyond winning or losing a case. Lawyers have a larger and longer stake in the justice system the story doesn’t end after winning the case, it starts when after thirty-forty years you look back and analyze the role you played. After reading judgments and cases one gets an idea of drawing boundaries that is how far can one go with a particular dispute or how that dispute will have social impacts.

First-time research, writing, editing, and publication of an article will offer insightful information about one’s comfort level and capacity to go through successive processes and indicate areas that need development. Publication aids students in developing their critical thinking, writing, and research skills—all of which are crucial for a future as a lawyer or for study and research in the legal field.

As justice Anand Pathak the judge of the High Court of Madhya Pradesh said “ If you hold a file with sincerity and sensitivity then it carries a life”.


You must publish if you wish to progress in your area. Communication among scientists is how science advances and publications are how you achieve this. Writing also aids in establishing your authority in your area of study. You may review for journals by producing articles, which gives you even another chance to have an impact on your subject. Additionally, publications are a channel for employment openings and advancements.

Being a lawyer is not about fighting cases in courts or drafting contracts for emerging companies it is important to be able to analyze the situation of the society we live in. Having the power of knowledge is all this country needs.


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