File An Online FIR In India

How To File An Online FIR In India?

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This article assists you to know about FIR and its importance along with a detailed explanation of the requirements and procedures to file an Online FIR in India. The elements involved to answer such a question that is ‘How to file an online FIR in India?’ are well established in this article. Let us discuss and understand the relevancy of the First Information Report and its filing procedure to initiate the legal proceedings against the offender and to avail the remedies.


FIR is the short form for the abbreviation First Information Report. A written document which is prepared by police officers in order to put on all the received information into a report is considered a First Information Report. An FIR is lodged by a Police officer as per the provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 in India only in the case when a victim or his relative/ friend or any other person on his behalf complaints or provides any information regarding a Cognizable offence (as defined U/s 2(c) CrPC). However, the FIR may be filed in offline or online mode as well.

What is First Information Report (FIR)?

Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 states about the process of lawful investigation which is the prior step to Inquiry & Trail under chapter 12 which deals with First Information Report under Section 154 of the code. As per the provisions of the code deals, the information regarding the commission of a cognizable offence may be given orally or in writing to an officer-in-charge of a police station or any other officer, not below the rank of Sub Inspector in the absence of the officer-in-charge of the police station.

Later, the duty of the officer who has received such information would be to reduce the information to writing, take a signature by the concerned person and the same shall be noted in the entries of the police diary of such station.

Section 154 of the code also states that if in case any person has been denied by the police officer to receive any such information the informant may send the information directly to the Superintendent of Police through the post. A superintendent of police may take cognizance of such a case by himself or order a subordinate of him to deal with such a case and proceed with the investigation if he has been satisfied with the information sent by the informant.

The information received under this Section shall be recorded before the magistrate on oath as per the provisions of Section 164 (5) of the same code which shall be considered as confessions of the person or party and only those statements shall be taken into account for further proceedings.

Requirements for filing the First Information Report (FIR)

First Information Report (FIR) can be filed by any person and the person filing an FIR need not be a victim or the injured or an eye-witness. However, in order to constitute an FIR, two conditions must be fulfilled:

  1. The proper information shall be conveyed.
  2. Information shall reflect cognizable offence on the prima facia.

Procedure in filing an FIR

An FIR shall be filed in the police station which is within the jurisdiction limits of the place where the offence has been committed. Only such police station has the power to investigate such cases. There are no other limits to filing an FIR. However, it is necessary to file an FIR as soon as possible after having the knowledge of the commission of a cognizable offence which would help the police officer to run the investigation process with ease and collect the evidence before they have been tampered with or destructed.

How To File An Online FIR In India?

Steps Followed to File an Online FIR in India

An FIR can be lodged through offline or online mode as well. In an offline mode, a victim or eye witness or any other person shall appear before the police station and shall convey such information. Whereas, to file an online FIR in India, a person can convey the information regarding the crime/ offence through recognized official websites by following the below steps –  

  • Step 1: Visit the Official Website of the police department of that particular state.
  • Step 2: Click on the option ‘Services’ which you may find on the home page.
  • Step 3: Choose an option to complain to the police through the online form from the list of options you find after clicking on services.
  • Step 4: You could now fill out the online form to file an FIR/ complaint.
  • Step 5: Download such a form on filling all the details and successfully lodging the complaint.

Required details to be filled –

  1. The complainant’s name shall be entered in the form of an e-FIR.
  2. The father’s/ mother’s name of the complainant shall be filled in the form of an e-FIR.
  3. The full and precise address of the complainant shall be filled in the form of an e-FIR.
  4. The working mobile or contact number of the complainant shall be filled in the form of an e-FIR.
  5. A verified email ID of the complainant shall be filled in in the form in order to receive the e-FIR through the mail.


In India, there is a chance given to the public to file an FIR with ease through availing online mode and this could make the process of investigation more efficient. Each state has their official website for this purpose which may demand some other details along with the basic details discussed. To file an online FIR in India one must visit the official website of the police department of such state.


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