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Career options after doing an LLM

11 Career options after LLM for a Law student in India

In every nation, the legal profession is among the most lucrative. After earning their LLBs, law students have the choice of whether to begin practicing or obtain a master’s degree in the subject. A master’s program in law is an advanced degree in the study of law. It is available in several disciplines, including corporate law, criminal law, and international law. Students have the privilege of looking for employment across a wide range of industries that are relevant to their field of concentration. Equal opportunities arise upon LLM graduation in the public and commercial spheres. Students who obtain an LLM can work as a lawyer or advocate, legal counselor, law enforcement official, etc. With so many alternatives, students frequently struggle with the decision of what to do following their LLM.  

How to register as an Advocate: All India Bar Examination

How to register as an Advocate: All India Bar Examination

In the administration of justice, the legal profession is essential. The advocate helps the judge get the best conclusion possible. To help judges or juries make the best conclusion possible, the advocate gathers relevant legal data for the case. The judges wouldn’t be able to render a just decision without counsel. The Advocates Act of 1961’s Sections 16 to 28 control the enrollment and admission of advocates. A person who is registered as an advocate under the Advocates Act, 1961, is referred to as an advocate, per Section 2(1)(a) of that law.

First, the candidate must register with the State Bar Council in order to become an advocate in the territory of India under the Advocates Act, 1961. A state bar council was established under Section 3 of the Advocates Act of 1961 to serve as the governing authority for attorneys registered in the areas it governs.

Litigation as a Career for Law Students in India

A Guide on: Litigation as a Career for Law Students in India

Like a game of chess where there are two parties playing against each other with very calculative, analytical, logical yet critical moves, planning one step ahead is what litigation is about. It is often called a pure form of law. A path of never-ending learning is what litigation is all about. It is exciting, challenging, and rewarding at the same time. The following article discusses litigation as a career choice for students in India.

Importance of moot court for law students in India

Importance of Moot Court for Law Students in India

Moot court is one of the co-curricular activities that are essential for every law student. Learning through a co-curricular activity helps in memorizing the focus topic. It improves the understanding of the topic in depth, such as the case laws, different provisions, and laws that might attract to that particular legal problem, various schemes enacted by the government, and, so on. There are also other competitions that a law student must give a try at least once, like client counseling, debates, mediation competition, and others that help law students in strengthening their skills and knowledge, and also helps them to figure out their goals.