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Importance of Model United Nations (MUN)

Importance of Model United Nations (MUN) for Law students

As a law student, your goal is to get many hands-on legal experiences and opportunities that will help you in building your career as a law professional. A lawyer is expected to have great oratory, writing, and research skills. Model United Nations is a medium that will provide you with self-improvement opportunities and unparalleled global exposure. So, if you are a law student who is into public speaking, looking for exposure, and wish to grow his or her skills, then this article will help you by giving an insight into Model United Nations and its significance for law students.

Litigation as a Career for Law Students in India

A Guide on: Litigation as a Career for Law Students in India

Like a game of chess where there are two parties playing against each other with very calculative, analytical, logical yet critical moves, planning one step ahead is what litigation is about. It is often called a pure form of law. A path of never-ending learning is what litigation is all about. It is exciting, challenging, and rewarding at the same time. The following article discusses litigation as a career choice for students in India.

Legal Writing for Law Students

Importance of Legal Writing for Law Students: Writing Guide

Legal Writing for the Real World: A Practical Guide to Success, the art of writing efficiently and effectively is probably the most important skill we can develop throughout our careers. Writing is important in the professional world because our ability to write convincingly and persuade a court of learned men is critical and is based on how we articulate ideas and structure arguments.

Importance of moot court for law students in India

Importance of Moot Court for Law Students in India

Moot court is one of the co-curricular activities that are essential for every law student. Learning through a co-curricular activity helps in memorizing the focus topic. It improves the understanding of the topic in depth, such as the case laws, different provisions, and laws that might attract to that particular legal problem, various schemes enacted by the government, and, so on. There are also other competitions that a law student must give a try at least once, like client counseling, debates, mediation competition, and others that help law students in strengthening their skills and knowledge, and also helps them to figure out their goals.

Top 10 law firms in India: All you need to know

Top 10 Law Firms in India: How to get into a Law Firm

All law graduates should look for internships and jobs in the field as soon as they graduate from college. One of the best ways for people to advance their careers is to join a law firm. A law firm is a place where one can work to represent their clients in civil and criminal disputes as well as business transactions as a partner, consultant, or legal counsel.
Here is a list of the top 10 law firms in India, along with information about their founding year and how can you get into a law firm.

IPR Law Career Guidance

IPR Law Career Guidance: All You Need to Know

IPR like any other field of law is challenging and many mistakes it as a plain sailing field of law. Moreover, territorial law applies to IP laws which make it difficult to take action against infringements that are done at a local level. The firms are also in the adapting phase. And so it is not easy to get placed in an IP law firm. Getting a placement in top IP firms is indeed difficult as there is a lot of competition but there are numerous prospects available in IPR that are mentioned below.