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Delhi Government Services Control

Delhi Government ‘Services’ Control: Supreme Court’s Landmark Ruling

The Supreme Court’s decision to transfer Delhi Government Services Control is significant as it clarifies the distribution of powers between the two entities and allows the Delhi Government to exercise greater autonomy in managing its affairs. This ruling is expected to substantially impact the governance and administration of the NCT of Delhi. This article will talk about the facts, issues and the decision of the Supreme Court related to the transfer of Delhi Government Services Control.

Vishakha and Others v State of Rajasthan

Vishakha and Others v State of Rajasthan: A Legal Analysis

This article will provide a comprehensive overview of the Vishakha case, including its background, key arguments presented by the parties involved, and the decision of the Supreme Court. It will also delve into the implications of the case, criticisms and controversies surrounding the Vishakha guidelines, and the way forward for women’s safety in the workplace.

Article 21 of the Indian Constitution Right to Life

Article 21 of the Indian Constitution: Right to Life

The right to life and individual liberty is guaranteed by Article 21 of the Indian Constitution. It contains three crucial components: life, liberty, and dignity. The meaning of Article 21 has grown throughout time to embrace a range of other components that make human existence meaningful and worthwhile because of increasing judicial activism and respect for individual rights. This article will be going to deal with Article 21 of the Indian Constitution its meaning and its interpretation further, the author will discuss landmark cases related to Article 21 in India.