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Man sentenced to death for killing Parents

Man sentenced to death for killing Parents: Facts and Laws

A 47-year-old man was found guilty of killing his parents at their home in 2018 and was given the death penalty by a court in Chhattisgarh’s Durg District, describing the incident as one of the “rarest of the rare.” In a 310-page judgment, Additional Sessions Judge Shailesh Kumar Tiwari decided the death penalty for the man and expressed that only the death penalty will be the appropriate punishment for the convict so that no one ever dares again to commit such a grave offence of murdering his parents. Let us now discuss the facts of the case and the relevant laws regarding it.

Consumer court penalizes BSNL for Poor Internet Services

Consumer Court Penalizes BSNL for Poor Internet Services

This article deals with the recent instances involving complaints against Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) for its poor services, in the consumer courts and the subsequent remedy that is expected to be granted in such a case. It has been discussed which authority deals with the telecommunication domain and what has changed in comparison to the past in a case where a consumer wants to make a telecom company liable for its poor services because it was a conception that such a dispute was resolved through arbitration and not otherwise. However recent judgments have changed this stance.

Supreme Court's Split verdict in Karnataka Hijab Ban Case

Karnataka Hijab Ban Case: Supreme Court’s Split Verdict

In the leading Karnataka Hijab Ban Case of appeals where the restriction was imposed on Muslim girls wearing a Hijab in Educational Institutions in Karnataka, the Supreme Court Two-Judge Bench delivered a Split Verdict. The Bench was headed by Justice Gupta and Justice Sudhanshu Dhulia respectively. Justice Hemant Gupta upheld the High Court of Karnataka order which stated that any symbol of religious belief is not to be worn to schools of a secular nature which are maintained by funds of the state. Justice Sudhanshu Dhulia said that secularity means tolerance to diversity and to wear or not to wear hijab is ultimately a matter of choice.

DRS Logistics Pvt ltd & Ors. Vs Google India Pvt ltd & Ors.

DRS Logistics Pvt ltd & Ors. Vs Google India Pvt ltd & Ors.

The advent and advancement of technology have made it such that reliance on the internet has become an integral part of our lives. The high usage of search engines has made it much easier and more efficient for consumers to connect with businesses or look for the right products. Businesses have taken their advertising online as well in a bid to attract customers at the right time. Keyword search and advertising have been the major propelling factors in this segment, leading the consumers to their websites on having typed certain keywords in the search bar. However, this risks the usage and infringement of a trademark when competitors in the market use the trademark as a ‘keyword’, thus creating an unfair advantage over the trademark holders. This area of concern has been brought up before the Courts several times and notably, in the Delhi High Court case of DRS Logistics Pvt ltd & Ors. Vs Google India Pvt ltd & Ors., which has been discussed at length in the following article.

Supreme Court's Abortion Judgement

Supreme Court’s Abortion Judgement: All You Need to Know

The Medical Termination of the Pregnancy Act, 2021 offers some hope to those who want to legally end their unintended pregnancies as well as to women who desire access to safe abortions. India still has to take additional steps to limit and ultimately eradicate the practice of illegal abortions. In order to permit the termination of pregnancies, the government must ensure that all professional standards and laws are upheld countrywide in hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

Kalkaji Temple Case

Kalkaji Temple Case: All you need to know

This article has briefly discussed the legal proceedings concerning the infamous Kalkaji Temple Case, which has time and again been the prime subject of several legal disputes. The following article gives an overview of the issues raised and orders and judgments laid down by the courts in respect of the same. The article has specifically focused on the judicial decisions laid down in recent years, i.e., within the span of 2021-2022, with a backdrop of relevant Supreme Court cases pertaining to the Temple.

Bilkis Bano Case

Bilkis Bano Case: All You Need To Know

On the day when India was celebrating 76 years of independence and remembering the hard-earned freedom. On the other side, 11 male convicts in the Bilkis Bano case of gang rape and the murder of seven people including of three-year-old child in the infamous and horrific riots in Gujarat in 2002 were released from jail due to the 1992 remission policy of the Gujarat government. Isn’t it ironic when our honorable Prime Minister talked about Women’s Empowerment and the justice for a woman is put at stake? This article gives a brief about Bilkis Bano, the backdrop of the case, the laws relating to remission policy and the reaction towards the decision, and the developments made after the case the decision.